Guitar and Keys

Paul might have been at Woodstock but he really can't remember. His musical history began decades ago with a second hand guitar and Silvertone tube amplifier from the Sears Roebuck and Company catalog (he still has it and yes, it still works!)  Paul began learning piano at the same time he picked up the guitar at age 15. He has a dual role with Relic as the keyboard player and a guitar player to support the needs of the band. Paul’s influences are many and eclectic.  He loves the old time blues players as much as he does the greats from the last sixty years.  From the Moody Blues to Clapton, The Beatles, Traffic, and The Rolling Stones, to Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Santana, Paul has been influenced by the greats. In addition to his featured classic rock lead guitar stylings Paul is an avid guitar hobbyist. He rebuilds  many of his own instruments and has one of the largest collections of guitar foot pedals west of the Mississippi.